I'm Jess.

allow me to introduce myself

No one ever just calls me Jess. i'm not sure why, its just how it is. Jess Diaz, the hockey lover, the bunny lady, the Phoenix Wedding Photographer. Throughout the years that I have lived, stopping a single moment in time has never failed to truly make me feel alive.

i am:
⋒ your personal third wheel
⋒ your hype bitch
⋒ your friend
⋒ the weirdo behind the camera

Be your true self and I'll do the rest.


I have done landscape photography, spent years in the music photography industry, even gave sports photography a go, but none of them compared to photographing two humans in love. The emotion that radiates off of an image can be overwhelming, but isn't that the point? That is how you should feel when you look back on your images, whether it be on your one year anniversary or your 50th I want you to remember it all. I want to give you something that can be passed on and admired for generations to come. These are the moments that matter, and you can trust me with them.

The Experience

You have me from beginning to end. From start to finish. From now until forever, or however long you'd like me to stick around. Once you choose me, I choose you and there's no going back. My involvement in the planning process is one I like to be apart of significantly because it gives me the insight I need to be able to create the images you're longing for. I am creating with you to tell your truth, to tell your love story, and I am so excited to be a small part of it. Relationships are important - we all know that. And yes, your relationship with me is important.

We need to vibe, we need to enjoy each other for this to work. The more fun we have together, the more intimate and true your images will be, and that is something I will always live by. I won't be showing up on your wedding day, saying 'say cheese' for 8 hours and leave - that's not how I roll. I'll be that fly on the wall while you and your love are lost in each other, but you'll also catch me dancing with you on your dance floor at the end of the night. After reading through all of this, we might not be the perfect fit, and THAT'S OKAY. But why not give it a shot (of tequila)? ;) This is a milestone in your life, let's make your photo dreams come true.

Let’s go all in + give it all we’ve got.